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RJ45 network connector online purchase

RJ45 network connectors can be purchased online. If you need them, please consult the online customer service of Lilutong Connect Products in stock can be shipped on the same day, making efficiency faster.
  Below are some relevant knowledge about network connectors, if necessary, you can learn about it.
  The performance of rj45 network connector is divided into three categories: mechanical performance, electrical function, and environmental function. The mechanical function is the mechanical life of the connector. What is mechanical life? In academic terms, mechanical life is a durability target, which is called mechanical operation in the national standard GB5095. The principle is based on one insertion and one insertion as the cycle, and whether the adapter can normally complete its connection function after the regular insertion and removal cycle is the standard. The rj45 connector of the TXGA connector manufacturer meets the specified requirements in three aspects: mechanical performance, electrical function and environmental function. Users and friends can easily purchase connectors.
1. Regarding mechanical properties
  In terms of its connection function, its primary mechanical function is the insertion and extraction of the insertion and extraction force, and the requirements of the two are different. In some specifications, there are standards for left and right penetrability, which means that from the perspective of application, the penetrability is not great (there is a low-penetrability LIF and no penetrating ZIF structure), if it is separated If the force is small, the credibility of the touch will be compromised. The insertion force and mechanical service life of the power adapter are related to the coating quality (rolling friction index) of the touch member constructed by the touch member (the positive pressure is very small) and the precision (directivity) of the placement specification of the touch member.
2. Regarding electrical functions
  It mainly includes three aspects: touch resistance, insulation resistance and electric strength. (1) A high-quality electrical connector with touch resistance should have a low and stable touch resistance. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from several milliohms to tens of milliohms. (2) Insulation resistance measures the insulation function target between the touch parts of the electrical connector and between the touch part and the shell, and its magnitude ranges from several hundred megaohms to several gigaohms. (3) Resistance, or withstand voltage and dielectric withstand voltage, characterizes the ability to withstand additional experimental voltages between the touch parts of the connector or between the touch parts and the housing.


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