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How do you see the quality of the connector?

The key to choosing a "connector" is whether the three basic performances are standard enough. We use many connectors in our lives. Every household appliance has a suitable connector, and these things are consumers, especially those that are not. It’s normal for electrical appliances in a fixed location to have some small faults in their connectors. In short, we often encounter the situation of buying connectors by ourselves. It’s like a socket. There are no three or five in a family. Some equipment does not work anymore. But the experience of so many years tells me that sometimes I can’t underestimate the connector. When I buy it, I have a lot of experience. It is practical to buy a genuine product, and it is a pile of garbage when I buy a low-quality one.
Speaking of the high-current connectors used in daily life, I had to mention the car MP3 data cable. It might be quite easy to use at first, but after three times, the disk cannot be read. Finally, a universal interface is changed. The data cable is broken. The data cable of the mobile phone can come in handy, because the interface is the same, so it is very easy to use, so nowadays, devices with common interfaces are popular. The interfaces of many electronic devices are universal, and the performance is improved. It is very convenient. Mobile phones, cameras, and PMP4 all use the same data cable, sometimes you can change it, especially when you go out, you can bring one, even the charger.
Connectors are closely related to our lives. It is said that a notebook computer has many ports, and each port can complete a certain task through a connector. It is very important, so we need to pay attention to the development of the connector industry from time to time. We are users and God.
Of course, if we want to make life more convenient, if we want the connector to be our assistant, then we must not only understand some knowledge of the connector, but also learn to distinguish, see the advantages and disadvantages, in order to make the inferior products not Only the living space can make high-quality products stand out.


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