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How to purchase waterproof connectors?

Many people want to know how to purchase waterproof connectors? What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing waterproof connectors? The engineer of Lilutong connector will give you a detailed introduction today.
​1. Mechanical properties of connector products
In connector engineering projects, due to the environmental requirements of the connector, there are special requirements for the temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, dustproof and other mechanical properties of the connector products. You can purchase suitable connectors based on this.
2. The current capacity of the connector product
In the design process of connector products, the current carrying capacity of the connector products is different, and the environment in which it is used is also different. For the waterproof connector project engineer, the appropriate connector product is the most important. As long as you determine the approximate current range, You can purchase suitable connector products.
3. The signal transmission capacity and power requirements required by connector products
Connectors at different points have different advantages, transmission capabilities and power configuration coefficients, and can be purchased according to these areas.
4. Connector brand and series product parameters
Including the sequence of the male pins of the connector products, etc., according to which different brands of connector product models can be selected.
Regarding the performance, price and delivery date of the connector products, we will make a reasonable decision based on your needs, and finally complete the transformation of mutual benefit. Shenzhen Lilutong Connector Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you.


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