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What is the structure of the waterproof connector?

The waterproof connector consists of a detachable plug and socket. Both the head and the socket are in a cylindrical metal or plastic plug housing. When the time comes, the shells can be connected together with a screw thread, a mouth, or a push-plug outer Kara-type coupling ring. The contact piece (hole) is inserted in the plastic or glass insulating material (sealed type) mounting plate densely. The contact piece is a cylindrical pin, which is embedded in the insulating Anyang mounting plate. The contact terminal is welded or crimped; the mounting board has a variety of contact hole positions, and the number of contacts depends on the specifications (current transmission capacity) of the contact; and a variety of positioning methods to prevent mismatching. Contacts are usually made of copper alloy with gold or tin plated on the surface. The mounting board material is determined according to the structure and performance requirements, usually: nylon, sulfone, carbonate, S, poly ABDAP, aldehyde plastic, phenol melamine monoaldehyde resin, acid resin and epoxy resin methanol, etc. The shell is usually made of high-quality aluminum alloy, high stainless steel is used for warm applications, and plastic shell is used for industrial applications.
The cylindrical structure of the waterproof connector has natural sturdiness and a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape. It is easy to process with standard machine tools. It is easier to seal, easy to insert and disconnect. Simple and firm locking mechanism. Ten years of technological development has given it a complete and reasonable process and high reliability. Therefore, it is required to use the multi-contact connector to realize the interconnection between the component and the cable, and the waterproof connector is the first choice.
Waterproof connectors are mainly used in military and avionics equipment. The demand for equipment is the main driving force for the development of waterproof connector technology and the market. The 6~70s of this century is the heyday of its development. In the United States. Round military connectors account for 80% of the total waterproof connector market. The total connector market sales are about 1, accounting for 5, second only to printed circuit connectors in the market share ranking of various connectors. .In 18 but 1999 has dropped to the third place, after the rectangular connector.
Among the waterproof connectors, the national MI standard is the actual international military standard of Shimei L. It is mainly due to the large demand for connectors of various specifications by the US military. The high-level waterproof connector is composed of detachable plugs and sockets. It is caused by many factors such as high technical strength, large economies of scale, competitive prices, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s requirement to purchase standardized components and equipment. In fact, the British BI British Standards Institute) CC such as S (and EC (European Electronic Device Council) and my country's National Military Standards have established their own standards in accordance with MIL specifications.


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