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What are the measures to avoid connector failure?

Nowadays, most industrial enterprises are using connectors. The failure of connector connectors will cause many problems. So how can we effectively avoid the problem of connector connector failure? We can take the following measures for the failure mode and failure reasons of the connector:
1. The problem of increased insertion force and decreased life span
1) Choose a material with good dimensional stability, rigidity and strength for the base material
2) Improve the processing accuracy and consistency of the base, pin and socket
3) Choose corrosion-resistant high-quality coating materials and improve plating quality
3. The problem of increased contact resistance
1) Elastic materials should choose materials with good elasticity, rigidity, high strength and resistance to stress relaxation
2) To improve the quality of electroplating, the metal material of the coating not only requires good conductivity, but also wear resistance and corrosion resistance
3) Improve the accuracy of processing and assembly, and ensure the correct fit of the pins and sockets
4) Correct use and operation, avoid forcibly plugging and straightening
3. On the open circuit problem
1) Use appropriate crimping tools to avoid damaging the crimping cavity and wires
2) Improve the accuracy of the base, pins and jacks and the concentricity of the pins and jacks
3) Choose the material of the pin with good mechanical properties and not easy to bend and deform
4. To increase the voltage standing wave ratio
1) Cable joints should be reinforced
2) Take various measures to eliminate unstable factors of contact resistance
3) Pay attention to the alignment of the plug and socket contacts when plugging and unplugging. The size of the male and female contacts should match properly
4) The medium between the inner and outer conductors should choose stable materials
5) Pay attention to the frequency in use should meet the use regulations
5. For short circuit and insulation resistance drop
1) Insulation materials should be selected for environmental stress resistance, good moisture resistance, excellent dielectric properties, and good processing properties
(2) Insulating materials and potting materials should be avoided during processing
Contaminated to prevent metal particles or other conductive substances from being included in the material
3) Clean production. During processing, prevent conductive metal chips and other particles from remaining between the contacts
4) Improve the mold and processing technology to avoid bubbles and cracks in the insulation
5) Correct operation and use, do not forcibly plug and unplug, to prevent loosening, deformation or damage of pins


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