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Which aspects of aviation plug should be selected from?

From which aspects should aviation plugs be selected? The basic structure of aviation plugs is very simple, but its craftsmanship is delicate and complex. Every process from lathe processing, electroplating, and assembly requires excellence. If there is no perfect manufacturing level and good quality control, it is very It is prone to power failure and pin stuck phenomenon, and it will also cause problems such as short service life. When we choose the aviation plug, we also need to choose according to our own needs. Let's briefly introduce the aspects of choosing the aviation plug application.
Which aspects of aviation plug should be selected from?
  1. The size of the pogo pin. The size of the pogo pin is determined by the design strength, current load, and shape, but a large diameter usually increases the cost significantly. The standard pogo pin usually has a needle tube of 1.5 and a needle of 0.9, which is an economical choice.
  2. The height of the pogo pin. The height of the pogo pin is determined by the working height, that is, the height of the working compression and the accuracy of the matching parts when installing. Usually the compression stroke is about 70% of the total stroke, and the common working stroke is 1.0mm.
  3. Current load. The current load requirements are different, and the entire design parameters need to be changed and adjusted accordingly.
  4. Service life. The service life of aviation plugs is based on dynamic testing, not static testing. The result of static test is very different from that of dynamic test, which can reach dozens of times. The service life is related to many factors, usually 10,000 times the service life is relatively cost-effective.
  Therefore, the aviation plug should be selected from the above four aspects, I believe it will be better.


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