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How to maintain the cable connector?

With the continuous development of the market, the utilization rate of cable connectors is getting higher and higher. Then, how to maintain the cable connectors in daily use?
Maintenance of cable connector:
1. During use and maintenance, the explosion-proof surface should be prevented from collision or corrosion.
2. During the maintenance process, the connector is strictly forbidden to operate with electricity. After the power is cut off, it must be ensured that there is no residual voltage before unplugging and disassembling any part. The residual charge can be discharged by reliable means in accordance with coal safety regulations, and can also be attenuated by mobile power stations. Discharge, the operation sequence is as follows:
2.1. Generally, the load switch is kept closed before operation, the high-voltage switch is opened and the "no switch-on" sign is added or locked, and then the cable connector is operated. If there is feedback from low voltage, the feed switch and load should be opened first switch;
2.2. If the load switch is disconnected when the high-voltage switch is pulled, mark or lock the high-voltage switch before pulling it, and then close the load switch for at least one minute to discharge the residual voltage to ensure safety before performing the necessary operations;
2.3. When reinstalling, it must be fully plugged in before powering up;
2.4. After the flange of the middle shell of the high-voltage cable connector is unplugged, if it needs to be kept for a period of time, it should be covered with a cover and still sealed with a sealing gasket to prevent moisture intrusion.
Features of cable connector:
1. The high-voltage cable connector is composed of two identical parts with a conductive rod as a common connector, and each part includes a cable entry system, a terminal block and an insulator;
2. The pressure plate used to prevent the cable connector from being pulled out is designed as a casting with an arc groove, which improves the reliability of the pressure line;
3. The insulator is made by pressing insulating materials with excellent performance;
4. The connection between the whole insulator and the shell adopts an internal fixing method, which avoids communication with the outside world.


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