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What are the disadvantages of traditional waterproof connectors?

People in the industry know that traditional waterproof connectors often have some problems in use, leading to many problems and accidents. In fact, these problems can be avoided as long as we have a certain understanding of the shortcomings of traditional waterproof connectors. So, what are the disadvantages of traditional waterproof connectors? Let’s talk briefly today!
First, waterproofing is not reliable. Because the traditional nut butt lock design is widely used after the male and female plugs, the construction personnel connect the male and female plugs by hand during outdoor installation. There is no precise value for how hard and how many turns, so it is difficult to define the screw. Whether the input is complete. At the same time, it is not easy for construction supervisors to use simple methods to check and accept one by one, unless each one is checked. Many quality accidents in outdoor projects are caused by the system's failure to operate normally due to the lack of tight sealing and waterproofing. For example, in LED landscape lighting projects, the embarrassment of missing arms and legs often occurs in rainy days, mainly due to waterproof connectors.
Secondly, the locking and fixing of the connecting cable and the tail of the waterproof plug is not reliable, and there is often the possibility of leakage, because the locking nut at the tail of the traditional "rear-mounted" waterproof connector is generally locked by hand instead of using tools. In this regard, the operator's physical exertion is too large, and the locking torque cannot be accurately defined, resulting in leakage and waterproofing.
Third, the shape and volume of the design are generally too large. In some engineering projects that require space or need to hide the design, the connector body is exposed due to its large size, which reduces the aesthetic effect of the entire project. Fourth, after the male plug and the female plug are connected, the contact impedance in the pins is too high. Since traditional products are mostly finished by metal stamping, after the pin connection between the male pin and the female pin, the contact between the male pin and the inner wall of the female sleeve is often not close and dense, resulting in high joint resistance and heat generation. If it is high temperature in summer, it is easy to cause fire hazards to its own equipment and projects.


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