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What are the advantages of waterproof connectors besides being waterproof?

Waterproof connector is a kind that is often used outdoors in industry. In addition to the waterproof function, what other advantages does the waterproof connector have? The following is a detailed description of the editor of Lilutong waterproof connector:
1. In addition to the waterproof function, it also has corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, in order to prevent some acid substances in the water from corroding the connector.
2. Anti-electromagnetic interference. Since water is a conductor, it prevents electromagnetic interference in the water and affects its normal work.
  At present, waterproof connectors are shifting from standard products to customization, from traditional single signal transmission to mixed signal transmission (power plus signal), and from the first function connector to modularization, intelligence, and ultra-miniaturization. With the increasing requirements for miniaturization, high integration and waterproofness of electronic products, it also promotes the development of waterproof connector products and connector products in the direction of small size, low height, narrow spacing, multi-function, long life, surface mounting, etc. development of. As the waterproof level of electronic products is increasing day by day, it is very important for product designers to choose a highly reliable waterproof connector.


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