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What are the hazards of inferior waterproof connectors?

In our daily life, many devices around us use waterproof connectors. I don’t know if you have used inferior waterproof connectors. The inferior waterproof connectors you buy are extremely dangerous for the people who use them and the connected equipment. of. So do you know the hazards of inferior waterproof connectors? The following will explain the hazards of inferior waterproof connectors!
The 5 major hazards of inferior waterproof connectors:
1. Hazards to personal safety
The most terrible problem with poor-quality waterproof connectors is that they put consumers at risk. Because over time, those poor-quality waterproof connectors that are interconnected with devices can cause material degradation and may cause short circuits or worst-case "thermal accidents."
2. Functional hazards
The functionality of the equipment is the main problem. If inferior waterproof connectors are used, the performance of the equipment will decrease and the efficiency will be slow. In addition, poor quality waterproof connectors can reduce or interrupt signal transmission that is critical to industrial processes.
3. Harm to the environment
The authentic waterproof connector is designed with environmental factors in mind to ensure that it will not cause pollution or harm the connection position. The use of inferior materials of inferior waterproof connectors in the expected environment may lead to insecurity. For example, the cable burning rating, if used in a highly flammable environment without an appropriate burning level, the sparks generated may cause a fire and cause irreparable accidents. Of course, this basically does not happen with legal design.
4. Hazards involving legal issues
The use of poor quality waterproof connectors may cause legal issues related to warranty or service contracts. Because if the seller knows that the product does not comply with local regulations and intends to sell it, it may have to bear more legal consequences.
5. Hazards of damage to equipment
The use of inferior waterproof connectors may also cause damage to the connected equipment. When the device or system is interconnected with inferior waterproof connectors, the performance of the device or system cannot be determined, and the plugging force or the number of mating cycles cannot be provided. performance.


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