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Electrical performance of waterproof connector

Before buying a waterproof connector, many people will check the performance of the waterproof connector. The following editor of Lilutong waterproof connector will explain the electrical function of the waterproof connector from the aspect of electrical performance!
1. Contact resistance: high-quality electrical connectors should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from a few milliohms to several tens of milliohms.
2. Insulation resistance: a measurement of the insulation performance between the contacts of an electrical connector and between the contacts and the shell, ranging from hundreds of megaohms to several gigaohms.
3. Electric strength or withstand voltage: the ability to withstand the rated test voltage between the contacts of the connector or between the contacts and the shell depends on the gap between the circuits (ie, the contact distance and creepage distance) and the connector Insulation material.
4. Other electrical performance and electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation is to evaluate the electromagnetic interference shielding effect of the connector, usually in the frequency range of 100MHz~10GHz.


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