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Basic knowledge of connectors

Connectors are part of a common phenomenon in basically all electronic device projects. It is critical to understand the elements that must be considered in the design process for usable connectors and standards. You don't want to get close to the end of the project, and find that you need to add a project, and you must adjust the project to incorporate this, because this will eventually pay a due price in terms of time and money.

When choosing a connector for a project, there are some considerations that must be taken into account in the requirements of a particular connector. Some of the more common problems are:


How many contacts must the connector be?


Do you expect or have to install every connector?


How must it be installed?


What is the stopping method for your application?


Does the applied connector have to show the channel maintenance?


How much do you expect the working voltage and current of the connection?


In many cases, it is known to know the data signal required by the connector. As everyone knows, sometimes, other requirements for the operation of all programs and the ease of use of the project end up harming the specifications and models of the selected project.


Further consideration must be given to the ability of the connector to be resolved, as this will jeopardize the selected options. Because the connector’s power solution capability has improved again, everyone will likely find that the number of contacts for all package/chassis specifications will decrease. It is because of the need for larger cables and/or higher working voltage indoor spaces. Some manufacturers increase the rated voltage based on the isolation between the boost contacts and the total distance of the electrical isolation from one contact to another. In addition, there are also some connectors that have a grounding device that touches other touches. They are longer than the other connectors in the connector and are used to reduce/clear the electrical isolation between the two mated/unpaired connectors.



In addition, the following are some key points that should be kept in mind and considered during the whole selection process:


How many connectors and contacts do you need to get power in and out of the case?


Connectors can be used in general types of contacts.


Power contacts only


Only data signal contacts


Power and data signal contacts


Data signal Grounding device contact


If only one connector can be used in the project, it is likely that a larger connector must be used to facilitate the inclusion of all touches.


If the data signal and power are separated, the indoor space they occupy will increase. As everyone knows, this may be necessary for the spatial layout of the program operation, or the program operation function separates them.


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